Resource Management and Secondary Raw Materials

The securing of raw material supply and the decoupling of economic growth and resource consumption to reduce environmental pollution are key challenges faced by the economy today. Used packaging is increasingly transformed in a recyclable material reservoir, generating new raw materials for the manufacturing economy through intelligent recycling strategies. In addition to waste prevention and optimal product protection, high-quality recycling and the material recycling of secondary raw materials make an essential contribution to climate protection, energy saving and cost reduction. Building blocks for this are sustainable material management; i.e. the sparing use of resources in production as well as the preservation of raw materials in the economic cycle, as well as efficient resource management.

The AVU considers the potential of the circular economy cycle management in the resource management and secondary raw materials task force and develops stimuli for its further development. Representatives from all material types contribute to this basic work, from tinplate and aluminum to paper, carton, and cardboard to glass, various plastics and beverage composite cartons. The objectives are, on the one hand, the mutual exchange of know-how – for example, to increase the recyclability of packaging – and on the other, the communication of technical information on the circular economy in politics and specialist community.

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